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Uniform Purchasing

Uniforms are required for students in Kindergarten through Eighth grades.  Uniform codes can be found in the Handbook.  Please read the Handbook before purchasing uniforms.  Uniforms may be purchased through Land's End (use our school number 900182775),  Fischer's Uniforms, or any local retailer as long as the item adheres to the dress code. 

Uniform Choices K-8_edited.jpg

Basic uniform for grades K-8:  Heather gray or white polo top and navy bottoms.  Girls have the option of a navy or clear blue plaid jumper or skirt as well.

Uniform Choices 7and8_edited.jpg

Uniform options for grades 7 & 8:

7th and 8th graders can also wear maroon or navy polo tops and true khaki bottoms. Girls have the option of wearing a khaki skirt as well.

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