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School Curriculum Goals


St. Anthony students will:

  • Imitate Christ by living the Gospel message in accordance with Christian values.

  • Research information using many resources, organize the information, interpret the findings, and apply the information.

  • Apply knowledge and skills through research, implementation, and presentation within and across subject areas.

  • Apply critical thinking and reasoning skills to identify and resolve problematic situations.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in using modem technological resources.

  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge of communication to express themselves and respond to others effectively and appropriately.

  • Apply moral beliefs to exemplify self-discipline and show responsibility for actions.

  • Respond to life’s situations in a flexible and adaptable manner.

  • Show appreciation for the creative work of others and express one’s own creativity.

  • Participate in life-long learning opportunities with diverse individuals and cultures.

  • Apply conflict resolution skills in a manner consistent with Catholic Christian values.

  • Demonstrate responsible participation in society and in groups through civic and Christian participation.

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