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St. Anthony Grade School

St. Anthony School provides a nurturing climate for learning through our motto: “Pray Together, Play Together, Learn Together.” This is done through the collaboration of the entire school community by creating and supporting a climate that encourages and guides children towards spiritual, academic and personal excellence. Teachers maintain a classroom that is conducive to learning, cultivating a trusting atmosphere where students feel free to take risks and explore learning opportunities. There is an appreciation of the uniqueness of each person that is fostered in the school. Each child’s talents, gifts, and values are recognized and opportunities are given to develop them. Children are treated with dignity deserving of a child of God.

From the Principal's Desk

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Whether you are a parent who comes here often, or someone visiting for the first time, I am thrilled that you have found us. I hope this site fully depicts all of God's love that passes through our school community here at St. Anthony. The faith filled, family-like, Christian atmosphere is beyond compare.

Feel free to contact me directly to find out more about the wonderful things happening at St. Anthony School. 

The doors of St. Anthony Preschool were opened in the fall of 2006. This exciting, fast-paced ministry has brought tons of joy, laughter, and character to our campus. 

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St. Anthony Catholic School

119 West Springfield Road

Sullivan, MO 63080


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